Temporary joy

For a long time I thought that my ultimate goal in life was to own a Chanel bag !!! I saved for about a year to finally afford buying one . I will , always remember that feeling of holding those Chanel bags and the look you get from the people outside- It was quite of social experiment lol. Its been  few months now owning that bag and guess what the joy was temporary and I quickly found another goal in life!!! Don’t get me wrong I still love wearing the bag (Purse on Chain to be very precise) and the power it gives you but it is nothing more than a temporary joy….IMG_0101


Hola! Mama free Spirit is here :)

Ohlala this is my first blog and I was so in need of this!! Mama Free Spirit is about My little life as a new mom but also as a woman who has many many passions but NO TIME to explore them!! I will share with you everything from my cooking style (Well if you call that a style) to my fashion sense (Yes I used to be a fashionista before having my baby girl) but also my purchases …basically my new life as a staying at home mom ( On maternity leave for now). I will also share with you my struggles of being a new mommy as much as it is a pure joy it is also very hard at times.

Enjoy reading me (Im french so you have to read me with a french accent plz )